Why is Thung Bua Tong in Mae Hong Son popular?

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Thung Bua Tong in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand

It is situated in Thailand’s Doi Mae U Kho, Mae U Kho Subdistrict, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province. Travelers who want to visit Thung Bua Tong must do so during the winter season, which runs from November to December. It is only open for  travelers once a year. The area is more than 500 rai in size, 1600 meters in height, and bordered by intricate valleys. Thung Bua Tong Viewpoint is considered as the largest viewpoint in Thailand. You need to come as fast as possible since the blooming period of flowers is very limited, it only lasts for a few weeks.

Thung Bua Tong is one of the camping locations where many couples go picnicking during the new year celebration since there are many facilities available such as camping grounds, bathrooms, shower rooms, and several parking areas.

However, in the previous year on November 11, there was the Bua Tong Festival at Doi Mae U-Kho where the lotus flowers bloom over 70% in an area of ​​​​over 500 rai to welcome tourists who will come to visit during November to early December, together with the public health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

On the top of Doi Mae U Kho, there is a viewpoint and a viewing pavilion, which is a beautiful corner that can be seen. Thung Bua Tong, you can get around in a 360-degree way. There are a lot of beautiful photo angles. On the way up to the viewpoint, you have to go through the lotus tree that is so high that it looks like a tunnel arch, allowing you to stop and take pictures.

The view of Thung Bua Tong are different, depending on the time that you come

1.      In the morning

          If you come to Thung Bua Tong in the morning, you will see beautiful flowers on the top of the mountain with the cool weather. You may be able to see the white mist floating on the top of the mountain as well, which is a very great environment and very peaceful.

2.      In the evening

          In contrast, the view at Thung Bua Tong is different from the morning since during sunset, you will see the light laying across the mountains and very beautiful flower fields.  And the atmosphere is romantic.

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