The Truth About Christmas

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Have you at any point pondered Christmas? From the time you initially figured out there truly was no St Nick Claus, did you at any point question different parts of this fantastic occasion ? Did you at any point ponder where Christmas came from? Why have a Christmas tree? Where did the possibility of St Nick Claus begin? For what reason is this day celebrated on the 25th of December? What do this multitude of images and merriments truly mean? What is God ‘s point of view on these things? Assuming you were shocked when you previously found reality with regards to St Nick Claus, you will be much more astonished by the remainder of the story.

Christmas Isn’t Christian!

As surprising as it could sound, there isn’t anything Christian about Christmas. It was men who made “Christmas” from the expression “Mass of Christ.” along these lines, VISIT Christ’s name came to be related with this occasion and millions have come to accept it is a Christian recognition. Actually this occasion, with similar images and functions, was drilled numerous hundreds of years before Jesus was at any point conceived. As a matter of fact, it didn’t turn into a piece of purporting Christianity until many years after the Rescuer’s execution and rising to paradise.

This reality is affirmed by the declaration of both strict and mainstream specialists. The 1911 version of the Catholic Reference book shows that Christmas didn’t begin in Palestine yet rather in Egypt.