Snooker Tuition

Snooker is very popular cue game in Europe. That being said, it has not really grown in the United States, and many Americans do not even know what snooker is. Those that are trying to get into the game are having difficulty locating what’s needed to play many need help finding a snooker cue.

There are quite a few differences between snooker 5 world snooker championship schedule and plain billiards. The differences are actually too numerous to go over, so it’s just easier to say that snooker is a much more complicated games in billiards. However, several games can be played with a snooker cue and and with snooker balls and tables that are not possible on a billiard table or with billiard cues and balls.

If you are looking to purchase your own snooker cue, they need to keep in mind that they are different from those used in billiards. The biggest difference is how thick they are. In most cases, a billiard cue is 14 mm wide. One that is used for snooker is usually about 10 mm. While that may sound like a small difference, in usage and holding it is quite a big difference. Finding the right one can be difficult.

You’re probably going to have to look online for the perfect cue for you to play stoker with. They’re not readily available in the United States, so you’re going to have to look mostly on European-based websites to find what you need. You should also not be surprised if they are at least twice the price of a billiard cue. A cue that is used for snooker must be high quality, and in most cases just as high quality as the highest quality billiard cues. Naturally, there is some the way for price variance in that there are varying qualities made, but in general they will be more expensive.

Make sure that you do a price comparison before investing any cue for snooker. Browse several sites get a good idea the price range if you never had to buy one of these before. It can be easy to get ripped off or pay too much if you’re unaware of exactly the price range you should be looking in. A price comparison give you good idea of what to look for and what to avoid.

Snooker is a wonderful game, but it is very difficult for Americans to get into. Many billiard halls do not have snooker tables, and even less hobby or recreational game stores carry snooker supplies. However, what you have found a table to play on and gotten your own snooker cue, then you’re in for a wonderful treat. Snooker is one of the most enjoyable and classic games in the world.