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PhoneGap is an open source framework which is widely used for building cross-platform mobile applications. The developers make use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating innovative and rich apps. This is perfect for mobile app developers who want to start with mobile application development and can leverage their existing skills on a common platform rather than with a device-specific compiled language. This is fantastic for someone who is interested in creating a code base which is compatible with multiple devices.

Applications which are built with PhoneGap are not like الكترون the normal mobile websites that you can find. PhoneGap apps can easily connect to the mobile device hardware and is like other tools such as the Accelerometer or GPS. PhoneGap applications can be built and developed like the native applications. The best part of the developed apps is that they can find a place even in the Apple App Store and also in the Android Market. One need not have to use the specific mobile platform for creating the connected mobile apps.

PhoneGap is suitable for creating apps across a wide range of mobile platforms including the Android platform, iOS and its versions, Blackberry, Symbian and the Palm OS. One can add any number of features even with the help of PhoneGap.

The PhoneGap SDK has an application interface which provides the developer with specific mobile features. Here are some of the typical hardware specific features which are supported by PhoneGap:

Geolocation features
Accelerometer features
Sound enhancements

In order to create diverse and innovative applications with the help of PhoneGap, the SDK needs to be installed for the specific mobile platforms which one needs to target for creating the app. The software development kits are actually used by developers for compiling the app for a specific platform.

For developing Android-related apps, one needs to have Android NDK and Android SDK installed. Additionally, PhoneGap requires some other installations to be done including the installation of the Eclipse IDE and the installation of the ADT plugin for Eclipse. Other than that, one needs the Apache Ant, Ruby, and Git Bash (Windows Only)

One needs different hardware requirements to be met including the needs of an Intel-based Apple Computer which is moderate in performance and can deliver the graphics well. The iPhone SDK is also needed along with Xcode and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. This is pivotal for the creation of the iPhone apps.

PhoneGap needs to be downloaded and installed after which one can see a separate folder for each of the platforms that the framework supports. It also has a default application which can be used to show the power of the SDK. One can easily create a huge range of apps which are cross-platform. One need not have to use the app only on iOS or Android. One can also create fantastic utilities and then share the single codebase across different platforms. In terms of the design perspective, PhoneGap development includes development of apps with the use of HTML5, Javascript & CSS3.