Ongoing Fastpitch Bat Regulations

Fastpitch Bat Regulations:

The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) has given specific guidelines and determinations in bat size to protect the distinction of the game. Every year, ASA board of trustees will analyze the current principles and guidelines in different game types of gear related with the game. The ASA panel contains driving players, umpires, Player delegates and other board individuals. This panel is the pivotal leader and they will set the new guidelines which will be acknowledged by every one of the associations.

Aside from ASA guidelines set for quick throw slugging sticks, ensure that it fits you.


The greatest load of ASA endorsed fastpitch bats can be 38 oz with 0.5 creeps round in distance across. The length can’t be more than 34 inches. The greatest breadth reach can be 2.25 inches.

Hold Size:

The Grip will be in the reach 10 inches – 15 inches length. The security grasp is made out of materials like elastic, plastic, tape and plug. The reach between handle pinnacle to the hold can’t be considerably more than 0.375 inches separately. The hold of the bat can be taken out or formed.

Handle size:

There is a little handle called security handle which is available toward the finish of the bat. The handle is roundabout or round in shape. The security handle should be 0.5 inches bigger than the handle diameter.The point of the handle must be vertical with bats focus.

Significant note:

All the ASA bats should be set apart with “True Softball” by producer with ASA affirmation image. Consistently ASA distributes rundown of bats which are prohibited by it. It incorporates the maker of the bat, Model number, Brand and so forth The (BBS)batted ball Speed standard of these bats pin up  ought to be under 98mph. These bats are comprised of graphite, fiberglass, aluminum and wood. Bats can be produced using woods which are of single piece or various piece. Composite materials can likewise be utilized in the making of bats.

Aside from ASA confirmations, there is USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association)


The bats supported by USSSA ought not have bat execution factor(BPF) more than 1.20. ASA is the most predominant relationship in softball and it is trailed by USSSA individually.

Every one of the bats which has endorsement from these Associations are acknowledged in every one of the associations.

These are a portion of the guidelines which should be observed while buying fastpitch bats for playing softball.