Kids Birthday Baskets Ideas – 5 Brilliant Ideas For Kids Ages 7-12

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Few words are as evocative of joy and celebration as “kid”. A birthday is something that children look forward for months. Each child feels special that day. A child’s first birthday is cause for celebration regardless of how many gifts they receive or how large it is birthday book.

A birthday gift basket makes a great gift option for a kid’s Birthday. Gifting a gift basket as a birthday gift to a young person is great because you can fill it with any kind of gift you like. Your creativity is limitless with gift baskets. You can choose from thousands of gift-basket themes and ideas. So how do you choose the perfect one for your child’s birthday gift?

Here are 5 amazing ideas for kids birthday baskets:

  1. Family game night basket

Many families today don’t make the effort to just have a good time with their children. The days when parents and kids used to sit down together and play classic board games, trivia or just chat are gone. With a gift bag filled with puzzles, snacks, games and other goodies, you can help your kid and family revive the long-standing tradition of family gaming night.

  1. Outdoor fun basket:

Nowadays, children long to spend more time outside. A lot of time spent on the computer or studying can lead to a virtual shut down in today’s youth. Sometimes, all a young person needs is an excuse not to be at home computer or studying. This is where you come into play. Your outdoor fun basket will provide them with both physical and emotional health.

  1. Road trip

Most families make a road trip at least once a year. Road trips are usually a mixture of long, boring rides in the car and stops along the road. It’s sure to make their next trip more exciting with a roadtrip bag. For a fun and relaxing time on the next road trip, fill up one with coloring books (depending on their age), puzzles, trivia books, or individual games.

  1. Magazine and book bundle:

If it has been a while between your last visit to a major retailer, you can take a quick trip to the magazine section. You will find many magazine options to suit your every need. As a gift idea, you can put together a collection of magazines and some paperback books. For a special treat, add some snacks and you have a winning gift.

  1. Activities and crafts basket

Even for the hyper-stimulated young person today, there are still plenty of chances for some down time. It doesn’t have the boring effect that many kids think. A gift basket of activities and crafts will make your child’s face light up on a rainy Sunday, rainy day or a little break between visits to the soccer field and dance class.





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