Keep Your Roof Clean All Year!

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It is crucial to clean your roof for ensuring that it looks the best. The best way to do this is to perform regular maintenance at least every 2 years. With this type of inspection, any problems may be identified that could be neglected and dealt with promptly, force homeowners to pay for more repairs to fix the issue in the near future. Certain roofing types require less attention , but all structures must be examined to ensure that there is no obstructions and the drainpipes remain operating. A routine cleaning schedule is the most effective method for keeping your roof in good condition and in good working order Roof Washing Albany Ny.

General Cleaning

Whatever the type of house has an inclined or flat roof the dirt that has been accumulating on the roof should be removed. Sticks, leaves, and other items must be cleared in the area behind pipes and pitch pans and the HVAC unit. The accumulation of dirt over time can impede water flow and cause the asphalt roofing’s condition to decline especially for asphalt roofs. Clean gutters and ensure that the downspouts are in good condition.

To ensure that the downspout functions correctly, you must fill it with water. Cut the branches that hang over the tree. If the valley has begun to rust you can brush it using wire before applying paint. If you’re using asphalt shingles, examine the caulking and sealant to see if they’re damaged. Any cracks could be cleaned out and caulking made of polyurethane and re-applied.

Moss, Lichens, Mold and Algae

Algae, lichens, and mold are common problems for homes in those in the Pacific Northwest. The organisms thrive in areas with high humidity and can damage the roofing’s integrity due to the fact that they retain moisture that will lower the longevity of the roofing. Beware of these water-harboring creatures as they could damage not only the exterior but also the roof structure.

Cleaning techniques that are too harsh should be avoided because they can cause damage to roofing materials. The mosses or lichens may be easily removed to reduce the risk of impact on roofing shingles. The low-pressure wash may be utilized to remove any growth of algae. Removal of moss is possible using garden hoses that clean the particles. The oxygen bleach is a solution which can be applied on the exterior of the roof of your home to eliminate the algae issue. To stop the development of moss, lichens, homeowners should consider installing copper or zinc strip. They release chemicals like zinc carbonate or copper sulfate which helps to stop the growth of algae. Also, remove branches that shade the area because algae prefer areas that have shade.

Cleaning the home is vital for an effective maintenance. Be careful when using water to wash the roof, especially during the removal of algae and mosses as this can create an unstable surface upon which one can fall. Make sure to wear fall protection in order to ensure your safety. Additionally, it’s suggested that a professional contractor clean the exterior of your home. In a routine maintenance schedule, keeping the roof clean at the time of inspections is an excellent way to identify issues before they occur. This will extend the lifespan of your roof and help reduce the cost. Maintenance on a regular basis is vital and you should maintain the roof in good shape all the the season!