How to Portrait Photograph in Candle Light

Candles exude a warm and soft light that can give your photos a dreamy, dramatic, and ambient look. But taking photos in candlelight is a challenge in itself. You can try these tips for portrait photography in candlelight:

  • Use tripod stand

Photography with candlelight requires that there is no shakiness in the camera to ensure a good picture. You can use artisthue ‘s guide to take professional portrait photos.

  • Do not use flash

Turn off the flash of your camera to avoid bright light entering your scene.

  • Extra candles

Use extra candles to overcome the challenge of low light. Spread the extra candles to produce a good lighting impact.

  • Use reflecting surfaces

Use reflectors or white surfaces to reflect light on your subject.

  • Background

Keep the background as simple as possible to reduce distraction.

  • Shutter speed

Use a slow shutter speed to allow maximum light to enter the camera. It will allow the camera to capture even the flickering movement of the candle flame.

  • Extra light source

If candles do not produce enough light, you can use another dim light source like a lamp for better results.