EV Conversions – 4 Personal Reasons For Doing an Electric Vehicle Conversion

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The reasons for building and driving your own electric vehicle can be divided into two major groups, namely Personal Lifestyle reasons and Global Survival reasons. The Personal Lifestyle reasons will obviously affect each person differently and everyone who starts such a project will be motivated by slightly different factors, however the following are some of the most obvious reasons for doing an electric vehicle conversion:

1. Electric vehicles are much quieter than ordinary gas vehicles and cause far less noise pollution than gas vehicles. This becomes more of a consideration when you live in Arkansas a densely populated area and are able to reduce the amount of noise pollution which you put out by driving an electric vehicle.

2. Pollution of the atmosphere and environment is significantly reduced when driving an electric vehicle, some people only realize how much an ordinary gas motor vehicle smells and how much fumes they emit when they have driven in a battery powered vehicle for the first time.

3. Most trips in a suburban environment are 20 miles or less and since an electric vehicle can quite easily have a range of over 40 miles they are perfect for using in this situation. Some slightly more advanced battery packs allow for ranges of up to 200 miles, which would mean that you could go on quite long trips at speeds of up to 50 mph without having to recharge.

4. The refueling of an electric vehicle is considered more convenient by many who drive these vehicles as you simply plug the vehicle into the mains overnight in order to charge it. As these vehicles become more common it may become commonplace to charge it at work, this could be the case for companies which have a more active environmental policy.

As indicated at the beginning of this article the Personal Lifestyle reasons for building and driving a battery powered vehicle will vary from individual to individual, but there are some common and logical reasons for doing so. Whatever your reason may be for taking on this project, I would like to applaud you and encourage you to continue even if you face some challenges along the way. The rewards at the completion of the project will without a doubt exceed the frustrations and challenges which may hold you up or slow you down. Here’s to when you can drive down the road with a broad EV Grin from ear to ear.

There are any number of reasons to convert your gas vehicle to run on electricity, please go to for more information and encouragement with this important decision.