Cars and Dreaded Air Fresheners

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Cars, cars and cars! Despite their destructive impact on the running of our natural ecosystems our obsession is with the four-wheeled, petrol-guzzling machines.

There’s something so appealing about the elegant bonnet of a brand new vehicle and the fresh scent of a leather-covered driver’s seat that could free your soul of its confinement Autoparfüm.

However, one thing I dislike about automobiles isn’t the effect that it can have on me declining budget and the ever-growing road-tax cost – it’s the horrendous stinky trees that people want to hang on their rearview mirrors!

I love the scent of fresh, clean air that is accessible by simply rolling down the window of the driver. It’s not necessary to have an unnaturally made cardboard made out of the Christmas tree to impart an unnaturally fake smell to my beloved car. The sweet scent only serves to sooth the rumblings of a swiftly approaching headache for me and I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m not the most content bunny when my paracetamols are gone and a bumpy road has upset my stomach.

In reality, any smell that isn’t in line with the scent of a natural breeze is a snub to my nose. The most unpleasant type that a roadtrip is one which is long, hot and involves eating food items within the confines of the four-door hatchback.

Kids are the worst particularly ones who love eating salty and vinegar crisps, while spilling fruit juice onto the back seat. It’s not the melange of dry crisp mush that bothers me. It’s the vinegary odor that’s of the air molecules moving through my olfactory region.

If I have to hop on a ride in an Ford, Corsa or Limousine the first thing I’ll look for is a windscreen that’s tree-free and a backseat that is empty.