Bets on offside in soccer

To attract new customers, bookmakers are working hard to expand markets in soccer betting. This is not surprising: as of today, soccer is the most popular discipline in betting. Gamers can bet on yellow cards, corners, offsides and many other types of betting. Many bookmakers provide the opportunity to make such bets only on the top championships.

Bets on offside belong to the market of statistics. Accordingly, to play them successfully, you need to study statistics and make predictions. You can also use the recommendations from the experts, which can be easily found on the web resources of betting companies or information sites. For example, soccer predictions and for today are placed on Scores24.

Bets on offside: features and types

In bookmakers’ coverages there are the following betting options:

  • total (total or for each club individually);
  • which club will be first or last offside;
  • in which half or on which minute will be the first offside;
  • the number of offside for a particular player.

The variety of available offers depends on the company. As a rule, large companies offer the maximum number of variants in order to retain their customers and attract new ones. Before you make a bet, it is definitely worth reading the rules of counting, the established limits, the amount of margin and odds.

The offside position directly depends on a number of factors. The first is the skill of the forwards and their ability to be on the same line as the defenders. It is also very important how well the defenders know how to create artificial offside. In addition, it is worth taking into account the refereeing factor, namely the specifics of the side referee, whose task is to determine this situation. For several years in the status competitions the system VAR is introduced, which makes the work of referees easier, which also affects the frequency of offsides.

Building a strategy for offside play includes certain components:

  • tactical approach to the game;
  • the level at which the teams are at the moment;
  • the motivation to win.

Even a novice can easily analyze these factors, because there is a lot of information on the top tournaments on the Internet.

Peculiarities of pre-match analysis

To succeed in offside betting, you need to collect the maximum amount of statistical data and analyze the current composition of the team. For this type of statistical betting, the tactics chosen by the coach and the order of the placement of players on the field are most important. Therefore, for a thorough evaluation it is necessary to analyze the meeting according to a number of factors:

  1. The play of the two teams and their styles. It is especially important to determine how played the players of the club, which is characterized by defensive tactics.
  2. The quality of the “work” of the forwards. Many successful players show themselves successfully on the edge of the offside position. In doing so, they manage to simultaneously occupy a comfortable position, being in the same line with the defense. Side referees do not consider this arrangement of forces as a violation.
  3. Tactical schemes are often used by the coaching staff. It is important to understand that even the presence of a pair of forwards should not be considered as a valid reason for a large number of offsides. A club that has one forward in the lineup has every chance of being in this position often. At the same time, all players are acting according to the situation, and in the attack there may be a midfielder as well as a defender.
  4. The composition of the referees. In most cases, they avoid controversial moments, so they assign an offside in all convenient cases.
  5. How many times certain players of the team were behind the line of the opponent’s defenders. If this is a fairly frequent occurrence, as confirmed by statistics, there is a high probability that in the upcoming meeting the style of play will not change.

A quality and accurate prediction is only possible with an in-depth analysis of all the moments and nuances. It is important to understand that each meeting is unique and unpredictable.

A significant disadvantage of playing on the offside are small limits and high margin. This is due to the fact that the market for such bets is considered additional. And also not all bookmakers have bets on offside, which have high risks. The pluses can include two things: a large selection and the availability of statistics.

It is difficult to bet on offside, and without a lot of experience it is almost unreal.  If a beginner decides to “catch the luck by the tail”, he will need to thoroughly study the top tournaments and work on determining the “closed” teams. Only in this way you can try to bet on statistical data.

In the game of betting, it is important to learn that the main key to success is competent analysis, which takes into account the maximum number of factors affecting the offside position. In addition, the player will need cold-bloodedness, calculation, discipline and proper allocation of the bankroll. You should not confuse deep analysis with “blind” work on the study of statistics without taking into account all other factors.