Are side bets in baccarat a waste of time?

바카라 (baccarat) is one of the simplest casino games to learn. When placing a bet, you have three fundamental options: player side, banker side, or hands tying. This straightforward setup is appealing to many gamblers. Other baccarat players, on the other hand, want additional betting alternatives.

The same players enjoy it when baccarat games include side bets. The latter provides the opportunity to win larger prizes than average wagers. The disadvantage of baccarat side bets has more significant house edges. As a result, you may ask if it’s worthwhile to waste your time with baccarat side bets. This tutorial goes through several of the side bets available in this game. It also discusses if you should eventually consider these investments.

What Are Some of the Baccarat Side Bets?

Over a dozen different bets can be made in a game of baccarat. I won’t go through every exotic wager you may make in this game, but here are a few more typical ones you’ll find in brick-and-mortar and legit online casinos.

All Black/All Re

All Black/All Red Betting Against the House: 6.53% (All Black) or 14% (All Red)

Players wager on whether or not a specific player’s hand will consist entirely of black cards (clubs and spades) or red cards (hearts and diamonds) (diamonds and hearts). The standard payout for an “all black” stake is 24:1, while the “all red” gamble pays out 22:1.

Bellagio Match

Match at Bellagio: House Edge = 5.27 percent (Player) and 8.57 percent (House) (Banker)

You place a wager on whether the banker or player will win a hand by getting three of a kind (e.g., three jacks). If the banker has a three-of-a-kind, this bet pays 68:1, and if the player has a three-of-a-kind, this bet pays 75:1.

Dragon Bonus

House Edge = 2.65% (Player) & 9.37% (Non-Player) with Dragon Bonus (Banker)

This bet lays odds the player or banker will win with a natural 8 or 9 and by how many points. To win your bet, either the banker or the player must win by the specified margin.

It’s more profitable to wager on outcomes with larger margins of victory. The Dragon Bonus is offered  the following wagers and often results in the following rewards (for both the player and the banker):

Payout of 30:1 for a win by 9 points (margin of victory).

This means that 8 points equal a 10:1 payout.

7 pts = 6:1

Score of 6:4

An equal score of 5 points would be 2:1.

To put it simply, 4 points equals a tie.

If the score is fewer than 3, the team loses.

Dragon 7

Advantage of the Home Team = 7.61 percent in a Dragon 7 scenario

This bet hinges on the banker having a three-card total of seven points (e.g., 2+3+2) to win. When using Dragon 7, you can earn 40 times your initial wager if you are successful.

Lucky Bonus

The benefit of the doubt is that the house edge is only 2.34 percent!

Super 6 (also known as Lucky Bonus) is a bet on the banker getting a hand totaling 6 points. As opposed to the standard 18:1 payout, a Super 6 version of this wager may only pay out at 12:1.

Matching Dragon

The House Has a 16.99% Advantage.

You can wager on the number of a specific card rank (e.g., 9, 10, or jacks) that will be distributed to the banker and the player. Standard payments and needed card counts are as follows:

With a hand of six cards, you might expect a payout of 100 to 1.

5 cards = 60:1

4 cards = 40:1

3 cards = 20:1

2 cards = 3:1

1 card = 1:1

Without the required card, you lose.

Edge for the House in Panda 8 = 10.18%

The main focus of Panda 8 is whether the player can win with a three-card hand totaling 8 points (for example, 4 + 10 + 4 = 8). If the player side meets all the terms, this bet pays off at 25:1.

Benefits of Baccarat Side Bets

Many live and online 바카라 (baccarat) games offer side bets because they are popular.

Baccarat is an exciting game that has become very popular worldwide. But because there aren’t many different ways to bet, it can get boring.

Baccarat Side bets add variety to the game by giving players more options. You can try to win a lot of money if you add Dragon Bonus or Panda 8 to your standard banker bet.

The standard tie bet also gives you a chance to win big, but the house edge is a horrible 14.36%. (with payouts at 8 to 1). People don’t care much about an 8-to-1 payout when they give casinos a 15% advantage.

Side bets may not be the best bets for your money, either. But most of them don’t even come close to giving the House an edge of 14.36%.

Disadvantage of Baccarat Side Bet

Another issue with side bets is that they often necessitate inefficient play. You’re taking a risk by betting on the banker rather than following the safer way and increasing your chances of winning.Last but not least, you should be concerned about the volatility of these wagers. You have a good shot at winning most of these bets.

You might ignore the minuscule odds in favor of the massive reward of 25 to 1. However, you should expect to wait quite sometime before really winning this bet. But you’ll need a bigger bankroll to withstand the extreme volatility of side bets. You’ll need to rely heavily on lady luck and a speedy victory to keep playing without a sizable starting bankroll.


바카라 (baccarat) side bets aren’t the be-all and end-all of wickedness. They provide entertainment and, in certain circumstances, fair house edges.

For example, the Lucky Bonus player bet (2.34% house advantage) and Dragon Bonus player bet (2.65%) both have a reasonable probability of winning.

However, you should not rush into the first side bet you see. Some of these bets have quite significant house advantages.

To summarize, betting on the banker gives you the highest chance of winning every time. However, a few side bets here and there will not deplete your bankroll, especially if the house edge is tiny.